Proudly Filipino-made guidelines get international mileage, being featured during the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare: Australasia (https://internationalforum.bmj.com/australasia/).

PSE stages a very successful webinar on the role of echocardiography in cardiovascular oncology, in partnership with Zydus. 

The inaugural session of ASEAN Echo Dialogues was successfully launched through an engaging discussion of prosthetic valve cases.

The PSE rolls out the 2nd Philippine Echo Survey in an attempt to assess current local resources for the improvement of echo services and patient care.

ASEAN Echo regroups under the leadership of Prof. Lieng Hsi Ling (National University Heart Centre, Singapore) and organizes a string of webinars for 2021.

The PSE Interim Guidelines for Enhanced Quality and Safety at the Echocardiography Laboratory Amidst Emerging Infections is now published in the ASEAN Heart Journal https://doi.org/10.31762/AHJ2028.0102



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