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I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Philippine Society of Echocardiography for giving me the trust to steer our organization for the next two years. With passion for echocardiography, I am compelled to accept the responsibilities as president of PSE for year 2014 to 2016. 

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Quality echocardiography by competent professionals for every patient.


We are an organization of dedicated, like-minded professionals with a passion for excellence in the knowledge and the application of quality echocardiography.

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PSE Officers 2014-2016 

President: Dr. Edwin S. Tucay
Vice President: Dr. Myla Gloria S. Supe
Secretary: Dr. Joyce S. Jumangit
Treasurer: Dr. Aurora S. Gamponia

Board of Directors:

Dr. Jonnie R. Bote-Nuñez
Dr. Jose Donato A. Magno
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Quality echocardiography by competent professionals for every patient.  
We are an organization of dedicated, like-minded professionals with a passion for excellence in the knowledge and the application of quality echocardiography. 
We commit to: 
Enhance the knowledge of the members by CME and emphasize adherence to competency guidelines. 
Care for our patients through the accurate and comprehensive use of echocardiography. 
Hone the technical and research skills of fellows and technologists and highlight Level 3 curriculums in training hospitals. 
Oversee and uphold the delivery of quality imaging in all training and diagnostic echocardiography laboratories.

“Give to us clear vision that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.” –Peter Marshall   

The lexis of Dr. Homobono B.Calleja, Founding Father of the Philippine Society of Echocardiography (PSE) and the Chairman of the Steering Committee which crafted the Competency Guidelines on Echocardiography provided the starting point for the Mission-Vision Workshop that was conducted for the Philippine Society of Echocardiography (PSE) last July 17, 2010 at the Therapharma Conference Room in Bonaventure Plaza, Ortigas, San Juan City. According to Dr. HB Calleja, “Quality patient care is our business.” However, may not encompass all that PSE is but this is certainly an eloquent statement of what PSE aspires to be. 
Dr. Inge Edler, hailed to be as the Father of Echocardiography, was described to be a person who has an “ardent interest for the patient.” It is therefore not surprising that in describing who they are and why do they exist, the PSE Mission statement read: “We are an organization of dedicated, like-minded professionals with a passion for excellence in the knowledge and the application of quality echocardiography.” Like-minded professionals sharing a passion for excellence---this is a tribute to what Dr. Edler has started and fought for all these years. After all, to create and evaluate a new and revolutionary diagnostic method demands a person with extraordinary qualities – one who possess an interdisciplinary creative thinking and extreme accuracy coupled with infinite patience. Every member of the PSE is described as such as well.
The Mission Vision Day of the society started with a spread of delicious Filipino delicacies such as; adobo, itlog na maalat,ensalada, fruits and flowing coffee. Much to the chagrin of dieters, no amount of self-control is sufficient for one not to give in to the temptation of over-eating this delicious fare. Amidst small talk of golf and mundane concerns, the day started in high spirits as Dr. Mariano Lopez, PSE President welcomed everyone to the workshop. It did not matter that the group was small because the core people who has a stake in the Mission-Vision of PSE was fully present and giving it their all. 
There was much debate, albeit healthy exchanges between the two groups of doctors when they started crafting the vision statement. Inundated by laughters, candid moments and occasional banter, the participants had to reflect whether they want to be “internationally recognized” or are they simply concerned with establishing standards for the “protection” of their profession and the patient? The initial statement made by Dr. Calleja made sense to all when he finally had a chance to speak, “We do what we believe is right, we serve the patient and look after his welfare. If we get recognized along the way, well and good; but that is not the reason why we do it. We do it because we care.” So it goes, that the vision statement of PSE echoes these very same principles: “Quality echocardiography by competent professionals for every patient.” 
There were many commitments made to achieve the vision. Embodied in the acronym We “ECHO” are the very statements that will ensure th at PSE will live up to its mission of quality echocardiography for all. From its members to its patients, from its fellows and technologists to its diagnostic laboratories, PSE commits to assure the delivery of quality echocardiography through the society’s many advocacies and programs. 
The day ended, much like how it started---in high spirits! Everyone was finally looking at a common roadmap for the Society. It is now up to its members to “kick the tires” and give the statements their “thoughts”. What’s next? PSE now has to sit down and create the strategic plans that will measure the progress of PSE in achieving their Mission. One thing is for sure --- nothing is impossible with these like-minded professionals. Their quest for excellence will continue and the ultimate beneficiary will be ordinary people like other human beings that God has created.   


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