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I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Philippine Society of Echocardiography for giving me the trust to steer our organization for the next two years. With passion for echocardiography, I am compelled to accept the responsibilities as president of PSE for year 2014 to 2016. 

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Quality echocardiography by competent professionals for every patient.


We are an organization of dedicated, like-minded professionals with a passion for excellence in the knowledge and the application of quality echocardiography.

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PSE Officers 2014-2016 

President: Dr. Edwin S. Tucay
Vice President: Dr. Myla Gloria S. Supe
Secretary: Dr. Joyce S. Jumangit
Treasurer: Dr. Aurora S. Gamponia

Board of Directors:

Dr. Jonnie R. Bote-Nuñez
Dr. Jose Donato A. Magno
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Edwin S. Tucay, MD

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PSE Officers 2014-2016 

President: Dr. Edwin S. Tucay
Vice President: Dr. Myla Gloria S. Supe
Secretary: Dr. Joyce S. Jumangit
Treasurer: Dr. Aurora S. Gamponia
Board of Directors:
Dr. Jonnie R. Bote-Nuñez
Dr. Jose Donato A. Magno

Inaugural Address

by President-elect Eleonor Lopez
My predecessor, Dr. Ning Lopez, has led our Society through busy 2 years. His 7-point plan directed us to definite and doable goals. To reiterate, these plans were:
I. Setting of future PSE directions- Mission and Vision
II. Computerization of membership database
III. Improved communications among members
IV. Institutionalization of CME programs
V. Support for research and scholarship
VI. Financial stewardship
VII. PSE support for WCE
Let me simplify and reorganize these goals and present to you my plans for the next 2 years.
1. Do our strategic planning
July 17, 2010 was another red-letter day for the PSE. That day marked the birth of our Mission and Vision. At this point we need to consider our future course with our Mission and Vision as our guiding principles. We need to know where we really stand and chart the direction where the PSE is going for the next 2 years. We must have feasible, sustainable and realistic plans.
For this to materialize I am requesting for Dr. Ning Lopez to find support for this initial project.
2. Maximize the potential of our website
This is the age of automation. To be proactive, we will continue to invest in our website and utilize this for the following:
a. It will be an active repository of our membership database. This will be constantly updated. From an original list of 1193 members (MD – 482, Echo Sonographers – 711), we were able to communicate with a total of 586 active members (MD – 280, Echo Sonographers – 306). We recently inducted over 200 new members during the annual convention. That should bring our current active members to about 786.
b. It will be a constant mode of communication to update our members about current and future activities of the Society. Electronic communication is easier, faster, and more cost-effective
c. It will be an alternative newsletter where fresh PSE news will be uploaded as the events occur
d.  The website can be a rich source of CME activities for our active members. Cases can be uploaded and simple questions posed. Active members can log in, enroll in the CME program and earn CME units.
I am requesting Dr. Peter San Diego and Dr. Myla Supe to work together on our website.
3. Institutionalization of CME programs and support for research and scholarship
This is our commitment to our members. For the past 20 years, our activities have revolved around these CME programs. The innovated and improved format of the annual convention, the E3 or enhanced echo evaluation, the technicians’ courses, and the regional CME meetings will be pursued. Dr. Leowe Go and Dr. Edwin Tucay have selflessly spearheaded these programs.
For the coming year, we will have our annual convention. The overall chair will be Dr. Romy Santos. In addition to being the scientific chair for the next convention, I am requesting the very accommodating and amiable Dr. Tucay to continue with the technicians’ course, this time to be supported by Dr. Joyce Jumangit.
I was a witness to how Dr. Leowe Go singlehandedly managed the E3 course and consistently headed the regional meetings. Such talent and dedication should be envied, emulated and continuously harnessed. I am requesting him to continue with these endeavors.
With regards to research, I have forwarded all winning and non-winning papers to the Research Committee of the 18th ASEAN Congress of Cardiology. During our last PSE convention, we pledged to support the author of any paper that will be selected for the contest.
4. Review and amend our bylaws
For the past 2 decades of the Society’s existence, we have not reviewed our Constitution and bylaws. Certain provisions have become outdated. The PSE has evolved through the years so it is but fitting that the backbone of the Society, our Constitution and bylaws, be made relevant.
5. Implement the Competency Guidelines for Echocardiographers
The guidelines went through a tedious process of discussions and revisions consuming so much resource until the first document was printed and circulated. However, its implementation has been unfortunately delayed. We have to start somewhere. The document containing the implementing rules and regulations was already written by Dr. Tucay when he was still the Chair of the Council of Echo of the PHA. We have to initiate the implementation of these guidelines
I am deeply honored by the trust that you have bestowed on me. The PSE has and will always have a special place in my heart. Heading this organization after 20 years has been a dream that has become a reality after a long wait.
Confucius wrote, “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop”.



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