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Use of newer-generation balloon-expandable TAVR system leads to better clinical outcomes compared to earlier device models as reported in the ACC 2015 scientific sessions


Chinese General Hospital team performs first ever mitral clip in the Philippines


PSE and the PHA Council on Echocardiography join forces for research and advocacy through the establishment of technical working groups

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Meetings and Congresses

Echo ASE Asean

Echo ASE Asean

Bangkok, Thailand  (October 23-25, 2015)

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calcimages forum

Fixed or Fluid Width

This template has the ability to set the entire width of your set to either a fixed pixel width or a fluid percentage width. You can set the width to any size you want.

Column Widths

You may also set the widths of the following positions to any width that you need to: left, left_inset, right, and right_inset. You may set them to any width you need to. Columns can either be set to a fixed px width or they can be set to a fluid percentage width. If you are enabling the responsive layout we recommend setting these to percentage width.

Row Widths

This template comes loaded with module positions, many of which appear in rows of 6 module positions. Any row that contains 6 module positions can have it's row columns set to automatic widths or manual. For example, in the picture below the first row shows 4 modules published and since it's set to automatic each is set to 25% width. The second row shows a manual calculation for each module in the row. Again, you may do this for any row that contains 6 modules. If you setup a manual calculation they must total to 100%. Not all 6 modules need to be used, as shown below.

All of this is done very easily in the template configuration.



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