The President's Report

This promises to be a busy year for the PSE. We have started with the Echo Workshops for the echosonographers last June 18, 2011 at the Bonaventure building. There will be 10 sessions with topics from the basics to the must-know and common diseases. However, for this year, it will be more frequent, almost weekly to end just in time for our annual convention in September 2011.

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Quality echocardiography by competent professionals for every patient.


We are an organization of dedicated, like-minded professionals with a passion for excellence in the knowledge and the application of quality echocardiography.

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PSE Officers 2010-2012

President: Dr. Eleanor Lopez
Vice President: Dr. Romeo Santos
Secretary: Dr. Leowe Go
Treasurer: Dr. Edwin Tucay

Board of Directors:

Dr. Myla Supe 
Dr. Joyce Jumangit

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