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PSE Conventions, Symposia, Interhospital meetings

The regular scientific meetings of the PSE affirm its commitment to enhance the knowledge of the members. Looking over the 20-year old files of the Society, I was able to retrieve yellowed yet valuable copies of prior souvenir programs.From simple scientific meetingsattended by a small group of enthusiasts, we began to conduct annual national conventionsto respond to the increasing interest and participation of the members. We were fortunate to have had respected and eminent echocardiographers as guest speakers coming from various countries.

To encourage research, the Adolfo Bellosillo Research Paper Contest was started during the 5th Annual Convention in 1995. In the same conference, the 1st HB Calleja Lecture was started to give tribute to the Founding Father of Philippine Echocardiography, Dr. Homobono B. Calleja.

Below is thechronicle of our scientific journey through the 2 decades of our existence.Some information is missing due to our inability to recover relevant data.




1st Scientific Meeting

Echocardiography and Doppler: Clinical and Therapeutic Implications

Aug. 22-24, 1990

Phil. Heart Center

Special Scientific Meeting


Sept. 30, 1990


Dr. Nelson B. Schiller

(University of California, USA)

Dr. Lawrence B. Brennan

 (Mountain View California, USA)

“Advances in Echocardiography”including Fetal Echocardiography



Symposium on Echocardiography


Feb. 9, 1991

Sacred Heart Center

Cebu City

2nd Scientific Meeting


Feb. 28, 1991

Pacemaker Room

Phil. Heart Center, QC

Basic Echocardiography Workshop


April 23, 1991

Westin Phil. Plaza

4th Scientific Meeting


Aug. 15, 1991

MAB Penthouse

St. Luke’s Medical Center, QC

Symposium on Basic Echocardiography


Feb. 26, 1993

La Italia Resort and Country Club,

Las Pinas, MM

3rdAnnual Scientific Meeting Guests:

Dr. Susan Quek (Singapore)

Dr. Teguh Santoso (Indonesia)

Dr. Junichi Yoshikawa (Japan)


March 30-31, 1993

Hotel Nikko Manila

Garden, Makati City

4thAnnual Convention


Dr. Chee Tek Siong (Singapore)

Dr. Ding Zee Pin (Singapore)

Dr. Ong Mei Lin (Malaysia)

Dr. Arieska Ann Soenarta (Indonesia)


March 2-4, 1994

Nikko Manila Garden Hotel, Makati, MM


5thAnnual Convention


Dr. Tsuguya Sakamoto (Japan)

“Echocardiography in the SecondDecade-How Will She be a ColorfulAnd Brilliant Bride”

1st HB Calleja Lecture

Dr. Jong Hoa Bae (Korea)

“Dobutamine Stress Echo”

“Treadmill Stress Echo”

Dr. Hamed Oemar (Indonesia)

“LVH: Echo Determinationand Prognostication/Regression”

AB Bellosillo Award- Research Paper Contest


March 30-31, 1995

Nikko Manila Garden Hotel, Makati, MM


6thAnnual Convention

The Increasing Role of Echo Doppler in Clinical Practice

Mar 15-16, 1996

Phil Heart Center


Dr. Navin Nanda (USA)

“Recent Advances in ContrastEnhancement of Color DopplerImages with Special ReferenceTo Detecting Proximal CoronaryStenosis. Use of Harmonic Imaging”

“Transesophageal Echocardiographic

Assessment of Aortic/MitralProsthetic Dysfunction”

“TEE Assessment of Adult Congenital Heart Disease”

“Clinical Usefulness of Quantitative 3 & 4Dimensional Echocardiography

Dr. Chee Tek Siong (Singapore)

“Diastolic Function: AssessmentBy Doppler Examination. Its Evolving

Role in the Understanding andManagement of Cardiovascular Disease”

“Doppler Hemodynamic Assessment: Principles, Analysis, Correlation with

Catheterization Parameters

AB Bellosillo Award- Research Paper Contest

Broadway Extravanganza



7thAnnual Convention

Mino Zanchi, MD, PhD (Croatia)

“Contrast EchocardiographyNew Agents and Doppler TissueImaging”

“Assessment of Myocardial Viability”

“3D and 4D Reconstructionof Echocardiographic Images”

Echocardiography for Clinicians

Nov. 3-4, 1997

Dusit Hotel Nikko, Makati City

10th Annual Convention

Guest: Lyndal Darkin

Application Specialist

Current Application of Echocardiography and Its Clinical Impact in Clinical Decision Making

Oct 3-4, 2003

Robinson’s Galleria

Suites, Pasig City

11thAnnual Convention

Echocardiographic Updates 2004: What’s New, What’s Relevant?

Oct 7-8, 2004

Holiday Inn Galleria


12thAnnual Convention

Re-evaluation of Echocardiographic Criteria

Sept 28-29, 2005

Holiday Inn Galleria


13thAnnual Convention

Clinical Applications of Current Echocardio-graphic Criteria

Sept 19-20, 2006

Holiday Inn Galleria


14thAnnual Convention

Issues and Controversies in Echocardiography

Oct 18-19, 2007

Crowne Plaza

Galleria Manila

15thAnnual Convention

Newer technologies: Something New for Something Old

Oct 16-17, 2008

Crowne Plaza

Galleria Manila

16thAnnual Convention

Echocardiography in Everyday Clinical Practice: Case-Based Learning

Sept 27-28, 2010

DAPA Hall,

Phil. Heart Center, QC


Pre-convention: Enhanced Echocardiographic Evaluation (E3)

Sept 26, 2010

17thAnnual Convention

Something Old, Something New, Something Small, Something Blew

Sept 19-20, 2011

DAPA Hall,

Phil. Heart Center, QC


Pre-convention: Enhanced Echocardiographic Evaluation (E3)

Sept 18, 2011





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