PSE COVID Resource Center

PSE COVID Resource Center



This executive summary is intended to quickly highlight key principles in enforcing quality and enhancing safety for patients and healthcare personnel in the course of echocardiographic studies amidst the COVID19 pandemic. Best practices from local and international institutions were consolidated and recommendations were made equally mindful of ideal as well of limited-resource settings. The Philippine Society of Echocardiography also recognizes the evolving patterns of disease and healthcare settings and is keenly open to revisions of this document as new evidence and real-world experience arise.


Updated version uploaded! This algorithm serves only as a reference guide for echo services, to ensure quick recall of important decision check-points.  If a particular scenario does not exactly fit the algorithm, the physician and laboratory staff are called on to exercise utmost prudence and best clinical judgment. Safety and quality are of paramount importance at any point along the way.

Version 2 (May 17, 2020), copyright PSE

Version 1 (April 2, 2020), copyright PSE



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