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The 21st Annual Convention of the Philippine Society of Echocardiography is unique as it coincides with the 25th Anniversary Celebration to be held on September 14-15, 2015 at the Crowne Plaza Ortigas. The theme “Echocardiography Beyond Borders” reflects how echocardiography has evolved in the Philippines over the years from M-mode to 3 dimensional echo, strain and other advanced echocardiographic modalities.  The theme also reflects the spread of echocardiography beyond the main cities reaching all the regions of the country, and the acceptability of this diagnostic tool in the practice of all physicians with varied and increasing clinical indications. 

The topics in this convention as prepared by the organizing committee are varied and interesting as they keep the participants updated on the latest developments in technology and current application of echocardiography based on local and international guidelines and recommendations. The participants are expected to enjoy not only the scientific lecture sessions but also the learning laboratories supported by various equipment companies, where hands-on sessions and practice on the current echocardiographic applications are experienced.  Everyone is invited to witness the annual Echo Bowl where various teams from different institutions compete in a quiz contest, and the annual research paper contest where original research papers and interesting cases are presented.

I would like to invite everyone, members and institutions, that have become part of the Philippine Society of Echocardiography since its foundation in 1990 in order to participate actively in this important milestone of Echocardiography in the country. Likewise, I would like to encourage those who have embraced echocardiography in their professional life to join us celebrate in the Gala night.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the organizing committee, local and international speakers and moderators, organizers of the echo Bowl and research paper contests, organizers of the Gala Night, and friends from the equipment and pharmaceutical industries, whose dedication and support will certainly make this gathering memorable and successful.

Good day and see you in the convention.

Edwin S. Tucay, MD, FPCP, FPCC, FPSE

President, Philippine society of Echocardiography



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